There is a $40 surcharge for the following holidays: 

New Year's Eve/Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Christmas Eve/Day.


Included in overnight services is medicine administration, plant watering and mail collection if needed. 



Weekly/daily walks and visits


15 minute walk/visit: $14

30 minute walk/visit: $18

45 minute walk/visit: $22

60 minute walk visit: $26


Each additional pet is $2.  


Visit fee includes:​ checking to make sure pets have water, a treat after the visit, and a towel dry if necessary. 


Paws Pals:


If there is another dog that lives in the same complex or less than a block from where you live, and if both dogs are scheduled and get along, both clients will receive a discounted rate! 

Cat Visits


Each cat visit consists of a refill of the water bowl as well as a feeding if needed, and some playtime!


15 minute visit: $14

30 minute visit: $16


Each additional cat is $2. 





Pet Sitting by the hour


A popular option for pet parents who don't need a pet sitter to stay overnight, but still want their pet to get plenty of love and care. A 30 minute walk is included.


1 hour: $22 

2 hours: $40

3 hours: $60


Each additional pet is $2  

Overnight Stays in Your Home


 This is a great alternative to taking a pet to the kennel. Your pet will be able to remain in the comfort of their own home. We will arrive between 5-7 pm and stay until the next morning. Your pet will be walked once at night and again in the morning, as well as given any necessary feedings. 


Overnight in-home pet sitting: $70


Each additional pet is $5. 







Pet Taxi

Need your pet taken to a vet or grooming appointment? You're in luck!


Pet taxi: Begins at $10 + $1 per mile


*Reimbursement for supplies or services may apply